A publishing and distribution strategy for Yahoo Studio

The big idea: A publishing and distribution strategy for Yahoo’s distribution products across native, video and social. Designed to combat the declining spends in sponsorship by taking advantage of Yahoo’s new products in the native space. We believed this strategy would further empower our creators with new data and insights.

The approach: A cross-functional one. Studio, the content marketing team, worked with the Ad Technology teams to align innovation process around the goal. We chose Tumblr as the flexible campaign platform. Site creation, site customisation and content uploading on Tumblr would be simple and fast.

Our innovation process produced several modern and responsive templates. After that, non-technical folk, like project managers or external content creators could quickly publish:

  • Long-form editorial – promoted by native ads in Yahoo editorial streams
  • Video content – distributed via video products
  • Short form visual content – distributed by Tumblr native ads

Prior to this project, the creative process was already informed by internal and external research and insights. We added data and benchmarks from the various distribution platforms – native, video and social, along with social listening from the wider web to further fuel our creativity and give our commercial teams a great story for our customers.

The results:
  1. Revenue growth: intelligent use of all of Yahoo’s distribution products for our clients meant a 33% revenue growth for native branded content, helping ease the pain of the declining sponsorship business
  2. Consistently great creative: We could now focus time and budget on content and creativity. The additional data from our native products allowed creators to effectively tailor content, and we consistently beat performance benchmarks
  3. Time equals money: Websites that took weeks to build before now took days