Augmented reality art for Paramount Mother campaign

The brief: Create awareness and interest for Darren Aronofsky’s incredible film Mother. Without sharing any detail of the film whatsoever. Other than the official poster and the cast, we knew nothing. But had to generate interest.

The approach: Social listening found a strong correlation between those who liked art, technology, and the filmmaker’s previous films. This seemed a perfect opportunity to engage INSA, creator of amazing animated graffiti shown via an AR app. For Mother, INSA recreated the poster – 5meters high. This incredible AR artwork was displayed at King Cross Station in London. The uniqueness of the project meant the making-of video was ideal for a Yahoo Movies story, broadening the reach. And adding to the distribution, his final animated work would be shared in GIF form on social.

The results: Over 1m video views, huge footfall at Kings Cross and great press for Oath. Most importantly, a very happy client. And some new briefs from other film clients.
Contribution to the project: Introduced a new capability in 2014: using Artists for content. Based on a US Tumblr program, we saw the potential of working with short-form artists in EMEA.  Artists who had the ability to create unique and compelling visual content, specifically for mobile, would prove a USP for our sales team. The result was The NXT – a portfolio of amazing artists and creative innovators (including INSA). I lead the introduction of this capability our clients via Oath’s brilliant commercial team. We also added a social listening capability to prove the appetite for this type of content. The Mother project was a pinnacle of the artist program.