Added art for a winning commercial strategy

The challenge: make Tumblr a great buy for brands in Europe and the Middle East
The approach: Focus on the one thing that Tumblr had going for it: artists. Specifically; animators, illustrators and GIF makers with unique visual styles. Artists whose short-form work stood out in the feed and influenced online culture. We identified the artists through social listening and then formed relationships with them. Then we created the go-to-market packages for our sellers. We started an in-house social content team and combined their work with artist content to enhance our offering. We could then offer both original short form art and a service to remix client assets.
The results: Social content programs grew from 0% of the team revenue in 2014 to 60% by the end of 2017. Artist influenced programs became our flagship product and our USP in a crowded content marketing space. During this time we ran artist programs for the likes of Boots, Unilever and Kraft and influenced the social content strategies for Visit Britain, Amazon Video and Nationwide.